Adventure drama based on real story


Producer: Piknik Pictures


“If you want peace, prepare for war.”


Our aim is to detail the emergence of the legendary civil militia in a modern fashion through narrating the epic life story of its founder and leader, Imi Lichtenfeld and his just as interesting father Samuel Lichtenfeld, both Slovak Jews who lived in times of Second World War.

The real fates of Nazi-persecuted protagonists bear a significant dramatic potential. We intend to recount historical events from the less-known perspective of those who actively participated in the fight against Nazism and championed the establishment of the Israeli state.

The Jews in our story are not passive heroes.

As of yet, the incredible adventures of Lichtenfeld´s, has not been told in film or television. We live in an era of panoramic societal changes and general disquiet. It is important to remind the world of heroes who fought to protect the defenseless and the weak. This episodic series will communicate to the audience a strong and relevant moral legacy.


Samuel Lichtenfeld




Slovak jew, husband and father of two, Mongolian circus artist, founder of first wrestling club in Bratislava, secret detective with major accomplishments, instructor of selfdefense for Slovak police, victim of holocaust


Imrich “Imi“ Lichtenfeld




Exceptionally talented athlete and wrestler, charismatic hothead and natural leader, international fighting champion, wrestling instructor, head and trainer of unique Bratislava antifascist militia, refugee from Nazism, ship wreck survivor, soldier in Africa during Second World War, combat trainer of first Israeli army, father of self-defense system Krav Maga